Why is the CTR for my sponsored game so low?

Hello there ! I recently made a sponsored ad for my game obby game . I bid in 1,000 Robux into it and the CTR turned out VERY low

As you can see , 148K+ have ‘seen’ the sponsored ad but only 227 have clicked on it .


I tried making the icon as unique as I can I don’t think the icon is the problem , or is it ?


Please tell me below why do you think the CTR is so low or and what should I do next time I sponsor ? This is kinda my first sponsored ad so please , if you guys had past experiences with this I would like some advice . Thank you for your time !


on of the reasons maybe is because some of these ads are on the bottom of the page

another reason is that your ad might have run too many times and ppl just got bored

I wouldn’t put too much robux into ads like these square ones

try making one that goes on top or the side.

It’s not the icon I looks cool

Perhaps the icon doesn’t give enough description. Somehow you need to show its not just another obby, as most people probably assume.

The icon is beautiful though, good job.


I tried to make it outstanding . The noob is hanging onto the planet’s ring signifying that it progresses through space just like the name says ‘ObbyVerse’ . It’s an obby that takes action in the deep space . And the ‘hard’ at the right top corner signifies it’s hard obviously , do you have any suggestions ? And also thank you !

It does not have to do with the Ad itself, the ad looks amazing imo!

But, there are many things you may want to reconsider while making a ad like that.

First of all, bidding 1k robux and getting this much ctr is really nice (edit its fair but could have been better), but people who I talked to in the past do not like challenging obbies. (i guess they have it their way lol) afaik the best way to make an obby ad is by making a 2d ad. Also, if you want to still keep it 3d I suggest you change the planets into low poly, and also add some blur on the edges of the gfx if you are using programs such as adobe photoshop and etc.

edit: You can simply change the material to low poly and increase the reflectance, trust me it makes it look so much better! :wink:


I’d recommend next time you create an ad instead of sponsoring. Your click ratio will go up a lot.

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Thank you dude . Well many people that joined the game said that it’s really hard but looks different and it’s fun so the gameplay is nice I’d say . I will try the low poly technique you told me . Thank you for the feedback !

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May I ask how would it increase ? As far as I know at least ads do not appear on phone .

They are talking about sponsored games not advertisements.

Make an ad, sponsored games don’t get much attention because usually they are very far down the list and wont get seen much. Also, a lot of times people are searching to find a specific game and not a random game. Ads usually are clicked more in general.

Your logo. It is the one thing that will draw a user in to the game when sponsoring it. I suggest you spend a fair amount of cash hiring a GFX Designer

Like everybody else said, chances are it’s the sign that says hard on the top right corner. I think that makes you miss out on many potential players.

I HIGHLY recommend putting your Robux into mobile Sponsors, and not PC. Mobile sponsors are definitely worth your money. Here’s an example of me testing out sponsors (also an obby game).
You get WAY more Impressions and clicks.
As for advertisements, I will also be testing that out this Friday.

Edit: The type of game you put out also will determine the amount of clicks you get. That, and the Day, and time of day.