Why is this happening?

so i noticed this a couple hours ago but didnt think much of it. but now that its appeared again i dont know what to do robloxapp-20200911-2010404.wmv (356.9 KB) i dont know what caused this

also i didnt know where to put this so sorry if its off topic
basically theres always supposed to be a little sphere when using the rotate tool. but there isnt

had to convert the video to mp4, no clue why it’s wmv.

is the issue that it doesn’t snap? if so you need to tick the highlighted checkbox.
Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 8.19.01 PM

if it’s that it doesn’t rotate after-the-fact when rotating, try reinstalling studio. If it persists, I’d fill out a bug report.

Non-windows users, here’s the linked mp4 if you would like to view if in-case i missed something.

What is the problem? You just said there’s a problem but you didn’t say what it is. I don’t see anything wrong in the video

basically theres supposed to be a 4 spheres when your rotating. you see that whenever you use the move tool. but something caused those to dissapear

Oh thats weird. Maybe restart studio or uninstall and reinstall it.

how do i restart studio? i dont know how to do that

I mean close it and then open it back up again.

This is a new feature that was in Beta testing and now is on everyone’s Roblox Studio. It’s better now as you can see how much you rotated it and you don’t need to click and hold the spheres to actually rotate it.

The spheres also got in the way sometimes and where just overall unneeded. Hope this helps!

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