Why is This Union Not Working?

I am trying to union two unions together, which would normally happen in under a minute. But not this time, I wait 7 minutes for it to stop loading and get an error message saying, “Insufficient memory to complete the operation.” Anyone know the problem?

This means that your computer can’t physically handle unioning these two objects together. Not enough RAM

Unions contain lots of data/information. I think that’s the reason why it’s taking so extremely long. I think your unions are too big to union together so you need to deal with 2 unions. You also can select the 2 unions and then export them to a .obj and import the obj. but you can’t unmesh them!

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Well that’s weird because I was able to union two unions with a similar amount of parts and it took about 4 minutes.

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Have you got any other applications open? (Chrome etc)

how many times have you unioned this union you are trying to union?

Yeah I have Chrome open, with 3 tabs. One is Google Maps, because I am making a real life place in Studio, another is an image, and then this.

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two or three times I think.


how many parts are in each union?

One of them was union and negated, and that is the smallest one, the other has been union and negated and just parts unioned into it, I’m gonna guess the bigger one has about 100 - 300 parts in it.

Why do you want to union that many parts?

That might explain the problem…

I just tried it and it unioned. It took 4 attempts.

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Why do you want to union that many parts though? Maybe I can give some advice for performance.
Having a very complex union will be very costly on performance.

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Next time, I’d suggest you either use meshes, either from mesh packs or export/import selections of parts and models as .obj files and then insert a MeshPart, using your .obj file as the mesh ID. Unions are not the best practice for making less parts, because of random corruption and unnecessary triangles, thus, more collisions needing to be calculated and less performance.

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I know, and when I unioned it, one of the unions had I giant dent in the side.

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export them both and use boolean in blender.