Why is UserOwnsGamePassAsync taking forever to return anything?

Unsure if my internet being slow or what, but UserOwnsGamePassAsync it taking forever to return any values

if not PassId then return end -- No pass found

local HasPass = false

	HasPass = MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(player.UserId, PassId)

Id is valid too

If the function itself is taking long to return (as in HasPass is not being set), this is on the endpoint. UserOwnsGamePassAsync is a yielding function so subsequent code will not execute until the function returns, so if it’s not returning then the endpoint is having difficulty fetching a value. This may be related to the outage.

Depending on how urgently you need this resolved, you can either create a workaround that will resume the current thread after a specified timeout or wait until service is back and try again later to see if the delay you’re experiencing still exists.