Why isnt car moving

well, the car isnt moving.

local leftwheel = script.Parent.Parent.Leftwheel
local leftwheel2 = script.Parent.Parent.Leftwheel2
local rightwheel = script.Parent.Parent.Rightwheel
local rightwheel2 = script.Parent.Parent.Rightwheel2
local steer = script.Parent.Parent.Steer

local speed = 80

script.Parent.Changed:Connect (function(property)
	leftwheel.AngularVelocity = speed * script.Parent.Throttle
	leftwheel2.AngularVelocity = speed * script.Parent.Throttle
	rightwheel.AngularVelocity = speed * script.Parent.Throttle
	rightwheel2.AngularVelocity = speed * script.Parent.Throttle

and what do they mean by it not being a valid member of workspace model?
what went wrong here?

Names of things in code are case-sensitive. Your joint is called LeftWheel (with a capital W), but in code you wrote Leftwheel (with a lowercase W). That’s why it’s throwing that error.

When you type code into Studio, if it can identify where in the object browser you are, it will try to autocomplete names, properties, etc. It’s usually a good idea to pay attention when Autocomplete stops working, since that means Roblox doesn’t know what you’re doing anymore.

Sometimes that’s fine - code editors don’t know everything - but in this case, it should be able to fill in names and stuff once you start typing them.


Like @deggy stated, you need a capital “W” for it to work. And you might want to do that with the other wheels in the script.

Even when editing it to the be completely lowercase or capitalized to match the names in the explorer tab, it still doesn’t respond.

Is the error in the Output window different? If the names match the names in the Explorer view, you shouldn’t be getting that “not a valid member” error anymore.