Why isn't my game making any money?

Hello, we own a game called Anime Worm and we did a test sponsor for 10k but it makes no money. CTR is good its 1% but average play time and revenue is really low. We barely make money with 20 - 30 active players. We want to solve this average play time and revenue problem until we decide to do the big advertisement. Please tell me your suggestions :slight_smile:

Here’s the game link:


Making money is your goal of the project, not your problem. You should focus your attention on making the game get more attention and focus less on your game making money.


What Rainy said. Advertise your game on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, get feedback from players and MAYBE you’ll do it.

Also: That description looks HORRENDOUS. Remove the tags.


You can try fixing improving the user’s experience, as they might make the player leave when they first joined.

1 bug would be that the tutorial menu doesn’t go away when you click either options (at least, for me).