Why isn't my NPC Replicating to the Client?

Greetings! I have one of the weirdest issues ever. So, my NPC, he is not replicating onto the client:




Strange, right? I am not destroying him from the Client.

Now here is my code in a Server Script in ServerScriptService.

local MyClone = ServerStorage.LiveEventFiles.BillB1ox:Clone() -- I originally had him in ReplicatedStorage as well.
MyClone.Parent = game:GetService("Workspace")

If you can help me figure this out, that will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

PivotTo must be in a local script for it to work

Here is more info about it:PVInstance:PivotTo (roblox.com)

Even for NPC characters? And is there an alternative I can do?