Why my model shrink into a ball?

I build a panda model and want to use it in roblox with animations.
I modify it into 15 parts and just exactly like the Dummy model,including every part name,motor6Ds and attachments.
But I found if I dont “anchor” every part, this model shouldn’t look like a panda and shrink into a ball,and I coundn’t edit the animation in the animation editor because parts is anchored! If I set the anchor unchecked,I got a ball…
Dilemma?How can I do?



The left one is what I want and its anchored and cann’t be animationed in animation editor!
The right is not anchored and shrink into a ball which can be edited in animation editor…

Have you positioned the Motor6Ds? It’s not enough to simply create them and bind two parts together, you need to position the Motor6D at a joint position between the two parts.

I use this plugin to create my character rigs.


Yeah,I add every Motor6D …Just like the Dummy example

Iwill try your plug-in

You have to do more than just add Motor6Ds. You also have to set their C0 and C1 properties. If you don’t, then everything will be “teleported” to the same location. C0 and C1 describe how Part0 and Part1 are positioned relative to each other. By default, C0 and C1 say “these parts are in the same place”.

The Character Creator plugin should handle all of this for you. If you want to understand how C0 and C1 work, you should be able to find some explanations for how C0 and C1 work by searching it on the devforum (here) or the devhub.

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Like qqtt991 said you should use that Plugin for rigging. However there are some tutorials on YouTube how to rig correctly. If we go about animating, I’ll recommend the Plugin called Moon Animation Suite. Also do not forget to add Humanoid and HumanoidRootPart in the Panda model.

If you want to make a panda with more detailed parts on it. You can weld that detail part to the main one. For example you made eyes and nose on the head. You would weld eyes and nose to the head of course. Before that you should make a joint between UpperTorso and the Head. Also you will have to name the Motor6D’s, so when loading animation humanoid can detect which joint is going to move.

EDIT: I think you copied every joint and attachment to every body part from dummy. If you look carefully it looks kinda on dummy, because these joints are positioned specifically for dummy. That’s why you should use Character Creator Plugin.

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where are the C0 and C1 properties?I cant find them about my moto6D …
I think they maybe the keypoint…


They do not show up in the Properties window. You would have to set them using the command bar or a plugin. Ideally you would set them automatically based on attachments or some other data.

Did the Character Creator plugin not work for you?

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You should use the plugin to position your Motor6Ds. Trying to manually set C0 and C1 is not a good idea (tedious, trial and error).


Just installed the plugin

Okay,I will learn to use it now~ Thx

HI buddy
I install the plugin and use it to edit my Rig.
While I still have some questions as:
1,my lowerTorso has many Motor6Ds than Dummy’s who has only one.Am I right?
2,I bind the lowerTorso and HumanoidRootPart when the HumanoidRootPart is outof the panda body.But When I move it into the body,this “bind” seems to disppear
3,I find some broken lines between my motor6Ds while demo has only straight lines.
4,Should I delete those small green balls which are attachments I guess? Or just leave them there?

there are motor6ds in Dummy’s head /hands/foots while I cant generate those in my panda with this plugin.Should I add them handly ?

I have struggled much time with this panda …//sad

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all of the attachments like WaistRigAttachment are not necessary I believe as you just copied a default rig, so you could just delete those

this video uses the custom character creator plugin, this is where I learned how to rig

hopefully this is of some help to you reply if you have anymore questions


Thx a lot
I will watch this video just now

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I deleted all the attachments and then the rig was ok now

It is so simple to build a rig with Custom Character Creator! Thx u all buddies


Love how you call them buddies ahaha, nothing wrong just cute.