Why Prototype Appear In My Computer

Hi Im CTG And I Need Help This

My Friends Made A Prototype Then I Tested It And Now Every Place I Go It Appears The Prototype For Me And The File Isn’t Even On My Computer Somebody Can Help Me.

as @CTGVN123 say my Prototype somehow appear on his side but not in my side so here this is my prototype
QshadePrototype.rbxm (24.4 KB)

This is because of a Client Side issue. If one person can’t see it and the other person can, then you’ll need to make it show on the server instead of using LocalScript.

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well too bad if i can access or CTG can access we will do that it like this file never exist in game but in user file

ok, then somebody can help you.

Anyway i have no idea what you are talking about in this post. Not trying to be rude.

well ok ill wait someone help me