Why Were RDC 2018's Videos Unlisted?

(Originally private messaged on March 15th but got no response)

RDC 2018 was the first year to have all of the breakout sessions recording and put on YouTube. However, they were unlisted a while ago with my threads being the only single place that has all the videos. Why were they unlisted, and is this going to happen this year as well?


I think they unlisted it to make their videos look more organised and sorted. But then again they could have made a playlist.

They made a public playlist where you can see all of the videos. So you can also check them out there.

They actually did make a playlist, you can check it out here:


I’m curious about this as well. In my opinion the livestreams should be easily accessible for future reference.

After some work through private messages, the videos were re-listed. Still not sure why they were unlisted, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.