Why when I use for example autoscale lite plugin and I change the offset GUI's are still different in other devices?

For example, when I go to the GUI and I go to the position and I put offset to 0 it’s still kinda different in other devices. How can i fix it? So it can be the same everywhere.

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The Offset is in pixels.
You need to Scale GUIs so they fit different devices.

Try the Search tool up top. There are plenty of solved posts about scaling GUIs to different devices. Also try searching phrases like “GUI in wrong position on phone” or “different devices display GUI wrong” and whatever terms get you solved posts.

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What’s tool up top? Can you tell me an easiest way, so it wont move even a mm.

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I would use scale. It doesn’t have the screen size specifics like Offset

Use the Search tool (the magnifying glass image) at the top of this forum to search for other posts dealing with the same problem.

I have used scale but it’s still different in other debices, i mesn it streches etc.

Use a UiAspectRatioConstraint to set it to the size you want. It won’t change if you use it

So if I set offset to 0 position and size, it will be the same to other devices? Also if i use uiaspectconstraint?

It should yes. Quick tip, if you want to see what other devices will see when you play the game, go to the testing section, and click device, which has the picture of a phone on it. Then choose the device you wish to view from. It helps me a lot

But dont change the size though.

Ok, also does this play a role? I mean mine’s not like that, but I need to have it like that so it can work?

Wym not to change the size? You mean if i move it it will get destroyed?

Have you played games that have gui that seems to be more to the right than they were before? Some games have gui that covers your screen. There might be an instance where you can see the edges or where it doesnt block the screen. That is the inset. By setting it to none, that stops that from happening.

Set the position scale to 0 and offset to 0, and then code the gui to use scale instead of offset

So it’s good to put it? And can you send me a bideo about the other reply, because I don’t understand. Or a pic thank you.

Yeah I figured about the misunderstanding lol.

This is a screenshot of me playing Twisted.
See how the pause button (the roblox logo button) is a bit out of place? Normally it would be all the way in the corner. The fact that it’s not is because of inset.


Omay, so i will do this and what about the thing that you said before, I need to make a script? For scale?

If you are trying to change the position or size of the gui, use scale. A good idea would also to have the UiAspectRatioConstraint for a consistent size across different devices. But that is if you are trying to keep the same shape but make it bigger (for instance, making a small rectangle into a bigger rectangle).

I am sure there is a way to use the constraint to change the general shape of the gui, but I haven’t really thought of a good instance where that would be necessary

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Can you give me a list for example 1. 2. 3. So I can follow the steps and make the gui fit in every device?