Why won't sound load?

I made a command that plays music, but It gives me an error.
Failed to load sound 1838924570: Unable to download sound data
This is the code that I have:

if not game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("KeeAdminSound") then
				local sound = Instance.new("Sound")
				sound.Name = "KeeAdminSound"
				sound.Parent = game.Workspace
				if args[2] then
					sound.SoundId = tonumber(args[2])

I’ve tried with multiple ids.

I’m not a programmer but I think you have to add the ID sound in the script i might be wrong but if you want give it a try.

I did at sound.Id = tonumber(args[2])

Nevermind, I fixed it. I had to add "rbxassetid://".