Why won't this animation stop?

I can’t stop this animation for some reason. The animation is not stored at the top of the script, and that’s because I don’t know a way to get Player, unless the animation variable is under the remote that called a remote event, because one of the arguments is player, which gets the player. The animation that I’m trying to stopped is named “threefreezeanim.”

Here’s the code:

script.Parent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, TF, TFcooldown)
	local StandModel = Player.Character:WaitForChild("EchoesA3")
	local animControl = StandModel:WaitForChild("AnimControl")
	local threefreezeanim = animControl:LoadAnimation(game.ReplicatedFirst.Preloader.Echoes:WaitForChild("ThreeFreeze"))

What does that mean? how do i prevent it from being deleted

Are you playing the animation with a server script? Why not using a local script? Animation is replicated to other players even when played on a local script.

This animation is not coming from my character, it’s coming from a model inside my character. Would that still work?

Also another reason why I didn’t play it from a local script is because I have events coming from animation markers, and I want those to be seen by the server.

I have to use :AdjustWeight(0.0001) but that won’t work since I have a function that checks if the animation is still playing or not, and technically an animation that has a weight of 0.0001 is still playing. I’ve tried to find something about checking the adjust weight on an animation but I havent found one yet.

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