Why won't this move the way I want it to move?

Hello Everyone!

When I try to move a group a parts, it won’t move straight.

The Issue


Try pressing Ctrl + L to toggle World Space and Local Space.

When I pressed that, nothing happened.

I am going to assume you are selecting multiple parts, for in that case, only world space works. To solve this, try grouping the parts, and toggling local space. (Ctrl + L)

For future reference, you can use grouping as a way to move multiple parts with local space.

Hope that helps!

Some thing should happen. The arrows for the move tool and such will move relative to the part it’s moving.

You just saved my life! I had this issue for a WHILE now!!

Glad I could help! Have fun with your project.

Also, how do you align parts so they can be parallel to each other?

If possible could you send a screenshot of what exactly you mean? It’s hard to visualize for me.

For example, how do you align the left part with the right part so they are parallel?

The Issue

Usually I solve this by setting my rotation increment to 5 and rotating it as close as possible to be parallel.


You can also use the same method for moving the part once rotated, but I recommend using .05 increment for movement.

Use the properties panel, then directly change the orientation value to the right brick’s orientation, to get a perfectly parallel object.

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