Wild Isles - DEVLOG 0

Hello everyone on the roblox forums! I’ve started up a project which I am calling Wild Isles for now, might change it later haha. Anyway, the game will be an RPG with an art style heavily inspired by Fantastic Frontier, a very popular RPG back in 2016-18. Although the art style is very similar, the game will not be a carbon copy. Everything from the systems, locations, and story, all the way down to the minute details like collectibles and vanity will be coming from my very own mind. This project has just started up recently, so I do not have much to show. What I have right now is some VERY basic systems of inventory, dialogue, and other core systems most RPGs have. I have done some modelling prototypes to show off though.

This is the prototype for the first shop, an armor store.

On another note, a wacky character with that fantasy vibe to add some life to the world.

I hope you all enjoyed my little starting devlog here, I know I enjoyed writing it. I also hope each of you will join me in this journey, and leave your own touch on my project. Feel free to leave any feedback in the replies, It would help me a ton.


really cool but could use more designing and details in the room

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Super excited for this project and very impressed that you captured the essence of Fantastic Frontier!!! Keep up the good work and keep posting your devlogs!


Thanks for the feedback, it’s just some early plans but I do hope I can get the detail needed eventually haha

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It looks a little rough, One thing you could do is give objects outlines, You can do this by creating a Highlight, setting the fill transparency to 1 and setting the outline to black. Then just drop the highlight into workspace and it will give everything a outline :>

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That’s a great tip, not sure if it works with the style I’m going for, but definitely gonna check it out. Haven’t experimented with highlights much, if you have any other tips I am all ears