Will all the talks be put on YouTube?

Title says it all. Sucks that only a few get streamed live and there were a lot of talks I would love to have heard, so hoping they were recorded in some way and maybe put on YouTube later on?? I know they did this last year so here’s hoping? :grimacing: yes, maybe??

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they probably will be; i don’t see why they wouldn’t.


From what I read, they’ll be on rdcglobal :eyes:

Ofc with the videos being uploaded on YouTube… that seems to be the main form of media on that site anyways.

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They’ve got the powerpoints up for download vis dropbox from the site, but the actual talk itself seems like it’d be a much better experience instead if just reading dot points on a slide

A lot of the talks have been recently posted on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/user/roblox/videos

I’m not sure if all are up though…

As a Developing studio I can state that RDC covered Youtube enough for someone to be dangerous, but i wish they invited You-tubers up on stage and had them speak or maybe create a path for Devs to contact You-tubers Easier then the private path through their own platforms, This i believe would prove great to help grow games,

How does talking to YouTubers help the development of games? That spontaneity of a possible YouTuber chancing across your game and giving it a play… is the Journey… to simplify that into a type of pathway that can be walked down by choice IMO… takes away that special feeling when it happens. I honestly think we shouldn’t disturb that balance. It’s great as it is. Besides unless its an educational channel teaching developers how to program and develop games on Roblox… It’s not really helping games grow. Like YouTubers are gonna cover great games regardless. That’s the natural way of things.

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I can agree with your statements perhaps I am misspeaking, Youtubers wont help Devs with the development and cycle of the game, however, as involved and critical that they are with the potential growth of a game, ( exp: GamingwithKev plays a game alot) that game will potential gain a mass amount of players that may not have noticed before. Im mostly touching on the growth and following of the game its self. … Also it must be stated that opinions of people who play games especially roblox games, for a living should be able to help the Dev with the Crowd feel , and aesthetics of a game, if the mechanics of the game are wonky a professional player can come in early before launch and point out friction points.

For one thing I struggle to make sense out of this reply
The point of this thread is asking about recordings of RDC on YouTube, not the topic of YouTube at RDC
The point of the conference is to be about developers, and I’m not sure why YouTubers should be there
As for the important role of YouTubers, the last Business track was about “Leveraging the World Around You with YouTubers”

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I feel my reply was just to engage , and i understand the topic of RDC on Youtube,if need be ill remove the comments, was just more curious about the youtube community and Roblox and saw Youtube in the chat and thought eh might be a slightly relevant place to put some comments.

All videos are uploaded here: https://www.rdcglobal.com/watch-rdc-live