Will Creating An Image Like SystemCursors Ban Or Warn You?

Hello, I was looking at how to use mouse.icon then I found systemcursors that can be used with pluginmouse then I downloaded some of the systemcursors and created a decal like them now would anything happen?

Also, I was so scared so I didn’t had time to think witch category I should put this topic


I wouldn’t see why it would… they are open to the public, and are on the dev hub, I wouldn’t see why they would care if you made a decal off of it.

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They are for pluginmouse that means I cant use it on player:GetMouse().Icon = “icon”

Also one of them got something like a glitched image so I archive all of them

Im So Scared That Im Going To Get Banned Or Warned Or Something Please Help Me!

The glitched image preview for decals is a website bug atm. Really, you should be fine and can’t think if any reason Roblox would ban you.