Will I get banned/warned for this?

Hello guys!
I am doing commissions for games, and I need to do a morph pack that needs the player to become one of those “require(“blablabla”)” characters, the problem is that one of them has some bad words, is it okay to keep it in even if the game is privated?

Judging by how strict Roblox is about bad words, and generally breaking ToS I don’t recommend keeping it regardless if the game is private.

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Well, I’m thinking of only keeping it for a day or two, because I’m deleting the place after.

Sometimes the game gets deleted in 1 day, sometimes 1 week. ROBLOX has unpredictable moderation. I advise you don’t add that.

I suggest you do not include anything with bad words in your Roblox game. Even if it is private, you could possibly get warned for inappropriate language. I read about it once where someone’s game got deleted or the developer got warned for having a Model in their game with a bad name even though the game was private or no one played it. I don’t remember the details exactly

Roblox has an automatic punishment system, so if you put something that breaks the ToS and try again, you might get a warn or a 3 days ban automatically.

Just make sure that where ur making ur work is a file and not a published place