Will Making Parts Transparent Increase Performance?

Title basically says it all. I just need to know if making parts on a cube transparent will allow for better performance, or if it’s better to delete sides of a cube, and then put them back via. server sided script.

On a side note, if it’s not really a noticeable performance boost, then it is less favorable.


Well if you’re going to have them be transparent then why have them exist at all? Are you trying to create a custom render system that turns objects that exceed a certain range transparent?

Basically, what are you going to use this info to achieve?

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I’m making a block game (no, it’s not Minecraft), and essentially, any parts that are inside don’t need to get rendered, and don’t. Removing them would have been a lot harder (I’m doing this server sided), and so because @dthecoolest said yes, it will increase performance, I think it will be ok if I use this method.

Thanks for the reply though!