Will saving an rbxscriptsignal to the datastore break it?

Hello, will doing this

local DataStoreTable_ToSave = {

_Connection = game:GetService("RunService").Heartbeat:Connect(function()

DataStore:SetAsync(DataStoreTable_ToSave) -- pcall/arguments omitted

can cause the table to potentially break? (i.e. lose data).

Edit: No I am not trying to save signals to the datastore, I need it as a debounce for an active game session. And I’m using ProfileService to manage it easier.

you cant save a RBXScriptSignal | Roblox Creator Documentation to a datastore…?

I think SetAsync errors if you pass data that can not be serialized, so, if you have something like a RBXScriptSignal instance inside the table, then it will probably throw an error.