Will the Tri Limit Ever get Lifted?

Regarding the 10K tri limit, it needs to change. As it is intended to increase the loading time and framerates, the cap more often than not becomes a major obstacle for aspiring developers. I am currently handling 14 meshes for a rig consisting of 10K tri’s each, and I’m not experiencing any performance drops on my less than average pc.

With the recent update of ROBLOX moving mesh bending out of beta, the update itself is considered useless, as humanoid rigs are almost impossible to work with via the tri cap. In order to use mesh bending you need a very low quality rig to be able to use mesh bending. The rig I have been trying to work with was especially designed for mesh bending, so using multiple meshes was a no-go. Nor was lowering the poly count an option, because otherwise the rig would look disgusting.

If ANYONE could find a solution that doesn’t involve doing the things I tried, I would be infinitely thankful.


It most likely will be lifted. The triangle limit was originally 5k, and it’s doubled since then. As for the mesh deformation thing, I unfortunately can’t help too much.

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Don’t worry about mesh deformation. I’ve got that covered. My main concern was the tri limit.

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