Will this help?

dev I made the extra or so it can climb because every time I make a pathfinder it can not climb so I am asking you scripters to see if this helps with anything.

NOTE: I am not finished with the script btw

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i dont think it will make that much different but i cant understand scripts.

If the Humanoid is meant to jump there then it will jump. If you don’t include that then the Humanoid will not jump when there is a gap

For the record, that or and everything after it will never run. It’s evaluated like this:
Jump = (true or ...)
Since true is a constant and should never be equivalent to false/nil, the or expression won’t work.

You could just

local pfs = game:GetService("PathfindingService")

local path = pfs:CreatePath({
   AgentCanJump = true -- when there is a gap, the humanoid will jump