Will this lag smaller devices?

This doesn’t seem to affect my computer at all, but im more conserned about smaller devices, as this non stop loop uses the :FindFirstChild() and :GetChildren() function. Will this lag out smaller devices?

If so, how can i optimize this? I need CheckGrid function to stay in a loop due to how my system will work.

function CheckGrid()
	local GridParts = BuildingGrid:GetChildren() -- Get the 15x30 grid full of 1 stud BaseParts
	for i, Grid in ipairs(GridParts) do
		if Grid:FindFirstChild("BridgePart") and Grid.BridgePart.Value == nil then -- Check if there is an empty value
			Grid.BridgePart:Destroy() -- Delete the instance

RS.RenderStepped:Connect(function() -- run through a non stop loop

I don’t think that would cause a problem since RenderStepped reduces lag compared to a while and for loop.

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