Will this violate a copyright?

Hello. There are some music on youtube that claim to be “royalty free” / or “creative commons”, and claim that I can use the music for commercial purposes, but I’m wondering… can I use this music in a roblox game? Or am I confined to just using that music in youtube videos? If I use this in a roblox game could I get into trouble?

Here is some of the music, just for reference:

The description of these videos says “royalty free background music for YouTube videos and Twitch streams. Monetize songs with no copyright concerns!” But did the person who wrote the description not consider other platforms, because he couldn’t possibly write every single content sharing / uploading platform into the description (if another content sharing platform is created and becomes as popular as youtube, they would have to update the description to include those new platforms)? So for practicality reasons they only stated that you could use it in twitch, or youtube, but they really meant that you could use it on any platform? Or is it quite literally saying that I can only use that music in Twitch or Youtube, and nowhere else?

You shouldn’t get in trouble for using this music. The music is royalty free and you can use the music commercially. Therefore you should not get in trouble. (Hope this helps)