Willow Hotels & Resorts Information Portal

:palm_tree: Willow Hotels & Resorts Information Portal

Welcome to Willow Hotels & Resorts Information Portal. In this formm you will be able to find all of the necessary information regarding Willow Hotels & Resorts, and our policies that we have here! Take your time to read through all of the sections, if you have any questions regarding this, do not hesitate to contact a Corporate Member through our discord.

Training Sessions

:date: Here at Willow Hotels & Resorts, in order to be an official staff member, you must attend a training! This is so that our staff team know that you know all the information about the job. You can choose to be either a security or receptionist, then work your way up to senior staff! If you are interested in attending a training session, then join our discord server and check the claimed sessions channel. All times are operated in EST, if you are having issues calculating the difference in timezones, use this to help.

Affiliate Information

:handshake: Willow Hotels & Resorts is on the search for affiliates! We offer a program in which potential affiliates apply to have an opportunity to become one of our very own affiliates. Any businesses are permitted to apply, however we do have certain requirements that you must follow. You can find these located in our discord server in the information channel. You can contact a member of our Relations Department if you have any issues or concerns regarding affiliates.

Development Information

:computer: Willow Hotels & Resorts has a fantastic development team. We have multiple different roles, and possible job opportunities for potential developers to fulfil. You can find all of the information regarding our development team below.

Architecture Team: uhDvnlx & jcyviez
Programming Team: uhCrypto
Interface Team: NGC277

[Current Status]: HIRING
Willow Hotels & Resorts is on the search for an animator, to animate food and some models within our upcoming Version 3! If you are interested in this position please feel free to DM me (dann;#0008).

Staff Information

:briefcase: Here at Willow Hotels & Resorts, we have a variety of different ranks within our groups. Our dedicated staff members fulfil this role and do an amazing job! Some of our key staff members can be found below.

dyeurs: President, Overseer of Staffing
isl4s: President, Overseer of Relations
nicovxle: Vice President, Overseer of Moderation
ffsIover: Chief Staffing Officer, Head of Staffing
jcyviez: Chief Relations Officer, Head of Relations
veloxicies: Chief Moderation Officer, Head of Moderation

To find more information regarding our ranking system within Willow Hotels & Resorts, feel free to check the group, or contact one of the staff members listed above, the are always happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

:question: Willow Hotels & Resorts receives a lot of questions regarding our group, to improve your understanding, we have answered some of your questions in this post! You can find

Q. How do I become a Staff Member?
Join our application center and apply for the job of “Junior Staff”, then attend trainings to rank-up to your desired role!

Q. How do I become an MR+?
You can either apply when the Staffing Department release MR applications, or submit your MR resume when you are Staff Intern. More information regarding the Staff Intern process is linked in a channel when you achieve the role of it!

Q. How can I find our when events are being hosted?
You can join our discord communications server and check announcements, or contact a member of the Relations Department. If you have any event suggestions you would like to submit, also contact the Relations Team.

Portal Conclusion

:wave: Thank you for reviewing the Willow Hotels & Resorts Information Portal. We hope this helps you in as much as possible. Still have questions about the group? Contact any member of the Corporate Team and they will get back to you with a response!