[WINDOW: OPEN] Recruiting a Semi-Advanced Scripter

Recruiting an Advanced Scripter

About the Job

Hi there! I’m Rygrix. I am currently working on an open world RPG anime game. I am currently working on multiple mesh assets and some are already finished. I am looking for an advanced / semi-advanced Roblox scripter who knows how to make things such as custom animations, a combat system, or someone who works well with UDim2 values.

0/1 - Animator
0/1 - Scripter
1/2 - Builder
1/1 - Modeler
1/1 UI Designer

I am not expecting an amount of scripts per day but rather someone who can get something done when I ask for their help.


My preferred payment method for the job is in percentage, Robux, or custom assets. (asset for script trades)

Contact Me


Thanks for reading!

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