[Windy's Hotel & Resort] Handbook

Windy’s Hotel & Resort

Thank you for taking time to read our official handbook. We are Windy’s Hotel & Resort, and growing group in the Roblox Hotel Industry. We are currently a new group and have many goals that we hope to accomplish in our future.

Windy’s strives to have a positive and non-toxic community, and we work every day to maintain outstanding development. Although we are currently building and designing our games, our games continue to be very promising and are well put together. Our full team of Graphic Artists, Builders, Scripters, and more constantly work on improving Windy’s Hotel & Resort based on suggestions from our community.

In our public handbook, group information can be found as well as useful links. For more information on Windy’s, continue to read below.

Handbook Sections

Rank Information

Corporate Ranks

  • Chairman: Owner of the group. Overseer of all group operations. Assists with development. (Rank Limit: 1)
  • Vice Chairman: Co-Owner of the group. Oversees all operations, and assists with development. (Rank Limit: 2)
  • Managing Director: Assigned to oversee one department. (Rank Limit: 3)

Executive High Ranks

  • Chief Staffing Officer: Directs the Staffing Department. (Rank Limit: 1)
  • Chief Relations Officer: Directs the Relations Department. (Rank Limit: 1)
  • Chief Moderation Officer: Directs the Moderation Department. (Rank Limit: 1)

High Ranks

  • Corporate Assistant: Corporate assistants are evenly divided into three departments. (Rank Limit: 9 / 3 per dep)*

Middle Ranks

  • Manager: Manages the hotel. Hosts sessions. (Rank Limit: 15)
  • Assistant Manager: Step up from Supervisor. Learning the Manager position. Hosts sessions. (Rank Limit: 15)
  • Hotel Supervisor: Supervises all lower ranks at the hotel. (Rank Limit: 20)
  • Experienced Employee: Promoted from an Low Rank. Learning how to be an MR. (Rank Limit: 30)

Low Ranks

  • Security: Protects the hotel from trollers and other disruptive customers. (No Limit)
  • Receptionist: Operates check-in/out. Answers any questions from customers. (No Limit)
  • Trainee: Not yet able to work, must attend one session. (No Limit)

Other Ranks

  • Noted Guest: Retired MR+ or Affiliate Representative. (No Limit)
  • Suspended: Suspended staff for breaking rules. (No Limit)
  • Guest: Guest to the group. (No Limit)
Department Information

Staffing Department: The Staffing Department manages all of the staff members at Windy’s. Staffing is in charge of keeping high activity levels, staff conflict investigations, demotions, promotions, and pretty much everything to do with managing our staff members.

Relations Department: The Relations Department is in charge of managing community engaging events, and affiliates. The Department is constantly reviewing new Affiliate Applications and coming up with clever event ideas to engage our community.

Moderation Department: The Moderation Department is in charge of keeping our rules to date and enforcing them. They also deal with Moderation related appeals. The Department is always looking to change our rules to better serve of community.



If you are interested in affiliating with our group, we have a few requirements, as well as an application. First, please make sure you are in our Community Discord Server. Secondly, contact a member of the Relations Department with a link to a google document holding your application.


  • Must have 150+ members
  • Must display professionalism and be drama free
  • Must be somewhat active
  • Community can not be toxic
  • Can not have a poor reputation
  • Must be in a similar industry to us


If you feel your group meets our requirements, fill out the questions below in a google document, and send it to a member of our Relations Department.

  • Group Link:
  • Discord Link:
  • Why do you want to form this partnership?
  • How will Windy’s benefit from accepting this application?
  • What do you hope to take out of our partnership?
  • What is one of your group’s greatest strengths and weakness?
  • Do you understand that trolling or raiding will result in a blacklist?
  • Are you willing to keep our partnership active?

Roblox Appeals

If you are appealing a Roblox game ban, you should join our Discord server and create an appeals ticket. Once you have done that, you should state the following:

  • Username:
  • Ban Reason:
  • Ban Date:
  • Reason it should be revoked:

Note: Some offenses are not appealable.

Discord Appeals:

You should message a Corporate on Discord with the following:

  • Username:
  • Ban Reason:
  • Ban Date:
  • Reason it should be revoked:

Note: Some offenses are not appealable.

Community Guidelines


  • :one: No swearing: Swearing is strictly prohibited from our community. This includes bypassing.
  • :two: No trolling/raiding: Trolling or raiding is considered disruptive and will result in your immediate removal from our community.
  • :three: No drama: Let’s work together to keep Windy’s drama free and safe! Anyone causing arguments or drama will be removed.
  • :four: NSFW: Any material that is NSFW will immediately be deleted and you will be removed from the server. This includes usernames.
  • :five: Exploiting: If you are at any time caught exploiting, you will be banned.
  • :six: No advertising or spamming: You will be kicked if you advertise or spam.
  • :seven: Threats: Making any threats to anyone is against our rules and will result in a ban.
  • :eight: Common Sense: Use common sense. If you don’t think you should do something, you probably shouldn’t.
  • :nine: Roblox Rules: All Roblox Terms are to be followed. Refusal to follow them will result in a ban.

More can be found in our Discord Server.

Important Links:

  • Roblox Group
  • Handbook (Here)
  • Discord (Invite viewable if you are 13+ from the group page)

Thank You

Thank you for taking time to read our Public Handbook. If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to create a support ticket in our Public Server. Updates to this handbook will constantly be published.

With Thanks,
szekio, Vice Chairman
Windy’s Hotel & Resort
Public Handbook

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