(WIP) Classic Remake Group Information

Hello, this is the information board where I will put updates about my group Classics Remake.


No using free models.
Don’t claim a game as your own, because we just try to bring back old roblox games.
Don’t steal games.
Don’t mess up games that we are currently remaking (this applies to devs).
Don’t steal games (this applies to devs.).
Have Fun.


You can DM @Game_Impossible of the devforum, or on roblox.

Bug Report

To report a bug, you can DM @Game_Impossible or the devforum or on roblox.

Game Request

You can DM @Game_Impossible of the devforum, or on roblox.
IMPORTANT: We might not always be able to remake a game if the original is not uncopylocked. Thats because we only remake games that the ORIGINAL OWNER is okay with people coping.

The Team

@wealthywizard110 - Holder
@Game_Impossible and @diggs9409 - Owners
@usernames - Builders
@cweego, and @username - Scripters
@1BL1ZZARD, and @iiSmallTV - Modelers
@usernames - GFX Designers
@usernames - Clothing Makers
@Fas_ty35, and @username - UI designers

Game Remakes Currently In Progress

Ninjas vs. Samurai Pagoda Battle
Santas Winter Stronghold
And Many More

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I will reply to them as soon as possible.

Group Link: