[WIP] GuestWorks, a Fallout engine

What is GuestWorks? GuestWorks is an a soon to be opensourced Fallout themed first-person roleplaying engine that is designed to help the Fallout community on ROBLOX make better places for us to roleplay in.
Why are you making this..? The Fallout community itself is a trolling backstabbing sons of [Content Deleted] community, and have been offended by a certain individual who sees himself as an elitist because he can buy off anyone he wants and claims he has all of the best scripts. (All the best freemodeled scripts that is.) So as a slap to his face I decided to make-sure no one can have a monolopy on the Fallout roleplaying community by making GuestWorks, a soon-to-be opensourced roleplaying engine for the Fallout community.

(That and I’m also trying to get known as a scripter, not just a builder.)

Features: * Nearly identical UI to Fallout 4's player HUD. * Immersive first-person experience * **Working™ radioactive zones that actually irradiates the player** when they are in them. Rads also effect your maximum health, more rads means less maximum health. * [Custom weapon settings](http://prntscr.com/9qaisb) * Action Points (Used when you sprint/jump) * Changeable rad resistance (Currently just for the player, soon armor/factions will give you a boost.) * Crouching * Proning * Easy to use custom tool system for adding/removing/modifying tools. * Custom in-game names. * Limb based damage. * Free opensource code to learn from. * Requires FilteringEnabled.
Upcoming features: * Custom team service that will be known as "Factions". * Loadouts for factions, including certain loadouts for certain ranks. * Removable armor & toggable helments/lights. * Gamepass support for buying tools. * Stores for buying/selling tools. * Hunger and thirst (Not too sure about this one, I might but I don't have any UI plans for it.) * Other stuffs that'll come to mind.
Progress/showcase videos: **Jan/04/2016** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFCWE-Upoys **Jan/14/2016** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYI_mKCCsYw
Where can I get my greedy hands on this awessomesauce creation of yours? I'm sorry but I will not be releasing anything of this until it is completed, once completed I'll update this post with a big spammy picture saying it is free to grab.

NOTE: The guns and armor you see in the videos will not be released with the engine, as those are not mine to give out.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask them and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Don’t take this the wrong way but…

You’re literally copying another game piece for piece. Does that make you think a little differently? On my current project I have the excitement of not knowing what balancing issues and other problems will arise simply because nobody has done what I have before. When you’re brick for brick copying does that become mundane? Does it keep you on track? Is it depressing? Is it motivating?

Not taken the wrong way, in fact I’m not copying anything building wise (All assets were given to me to use for my own enjoyment, but not to give out.), however in terms of theme/UI, yes this is copying Fallout, but thats the goal of it. As I mentioned Fallout several times so it should of been apparent that this is meant to copy Fallout and not be an original thing.

Just a question for you though, did you actually read everything or just skip over most of it like you do in many other threads? I mean its pretty obvious this is meant to be like Fallout.

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That was blunt, I read almost every thread.

I didnt beat around the bush in my last reply. I did say that you were copying the game. That just feels wrong though, wouldn’t you feel bad if someone copied your successful game and released all the code and assets to the public for free?

If that was true then Bethesda wouldn’t allow modding to be so easily done.
Now why does this have anything to do about wanting to do something nice for the community here on roblox? Do you have something wrong with giving out free code that you make for others to learn from? No? Good.

Anyone have any other questions now that has been cleared?


That seems really interesting I hope it goes well.

I do too, though I’m a bit concerned on how this will effect someone else here on this forum with his Fallout game (Which is WAY more cooler then mine, there’s even a working Pipboy! Literally this guy has it all for a Fallout game on roblox.), don’t mean any harm to come to him but if it does then sorry!

I reckon you should make an engine that allows users to create more immersive experiences with UI, particles, animations etc But not solely base it on Fallout as you are putting too many limitations on it. Allow users to create other immersive experiences that don’t all look like fallout :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you basically making a development kit so people can come up with their own scenarios and stories? Would be cool.


I’ll say what I usually say when people try projects like these: good luck creating something on your own that took a team of professionals months to a year to make.

That being said, the preview videos look pretty nice.

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Fallout isn’t multiplayer

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Same reason people play phantom forces instead of battlefield? People like roblox and it actually runs on their computers.

And… “It’s freeee!!!”
(Someone link that video for me pls on mobile)

im guessing this was something h8ful. :c

No, I never post anything hateful. It was just a rather purposeless comment. I was just posting about how I didn’t understand your project but it doesn’t matter.