[WIP] Gun Pack Feedback

Hello, here’s a gun pack I’ve been working on recently, all custom made models made by me.
If you are wondering, I am taking commissions.


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Those are some pretty radical firearms.

Is this going to be a public thing? If so, can it be rigged for animating?

Really nice models you made there, I’m sure you used references to get the right proportions and they look great


These will not be released to public, though I am planning on making one for that purpose.


Well why not? They do look amazing and well detailed.

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They look dope, you should try using SurfaceAppearances to make them look even more realistic.

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That looks good however not every guns handle is made of wood some are all metal and some are rubber.

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These models remind me of Vietnam.

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Looking great!

It is looking realistic and they’re all really good! I’m not the person who specifically knows anything about guns but still. Animations would look good on these!

This is all my opinion and my rating is below.

Your build is… 9, it isn’t a 10 because they could be slightly realistic. Still, you have done a really good job!

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They look awesome, the only thing that could possibly improve them are some better materials.


i like the models but as others have stated the materials seem uninspired, for instance on the mp40 the grip and handguard were made of a synthetic material similar to bakelite, rather than wood for ease of manufacturing, can’t nitpick anything else though i’d just suggest new textures for the wooden parts

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Wow! This is great work. Is it going to be a public thing?

Here you go!

Hope this helps you.

Quite nice, I think the STG-44 is pretty good, The Federov Avtomat (If im thinking for the right name for the gun in the first image second down the line) Is pretty good aswell.