Wipeout Day Tester Rules

Hello, Day Testers! If you have this link from the application, here I am going to be discussing the rules of Day Testing and how you can become successful within the Staff Team! Please be sure to take each rule seriously as I continue to state them. Read through this thoroughly otherwise I’d know if you aren’t following rules within the game. If these rules aren’t portrayed within the game, you can be removed from the session and possibly not able to come back as a Day Tester. Our original post states,

Do you have what it takes to be a Day Tester crew member on the set of Wipeout! Our Day Tester team tests obstacles needed to be tested and we document results to help us improve our course. It is a long, hard, and wet day but tons of fun. This is the greatest, biggest obstacle course of Roblox! The fun part about being a Day Tester is that you don’t know the special surprises, secrets, and twists we have added to the course to keep it fresh, so you are going to expect yourself to fall into the water. Raging/Calling our obstacles rigged will not be tolerated since we have a B&B(Black and Blue) team. Our BLACK & BLUE team tests all the obstacles and helps to keep the course running on shoot days. I’m sure you’ll get a whole lot of fun out of this job. We are going to be setting up a schedule so a few people can join and come around to see the course. You will be guided by staff members/me at all times. So please follow our instructions to successfully become a Day Tester. You will be given forums to sign up once I get you on the application. And yeah, that pretty much wraps up for the time being on Wipeout and your job/duties when we call you guys down to Day test. Your testing(having fun) is giving us information about the course when you test, so pretty much we are getting the most out of it if you can and when you are called down to the set of the course. You are improving our course.

  1. Please listen to staff at all times, failing to do so will lead to removal from the team.

  2. Get along with each other

  3. Don’t click any buttons on the course unless you have permission to do so.

  4. Do not claim rigged on any obstacles unless you are told they were, since our Black and Blue Team Test all of the obstacles within the course and make sure they aren’t.

  5. Don’t rage on any of the obstacles, as the purpose is to have fun, fall into the water, and help us improve the course at the same time.

  6. There will be hidden objects that try to hit you into the water. Recently we added a series of new activated secrets, tricks, and twists to our obstacle courses, and you are supposed to try them and we may ask you questions such as, “did you see that coming?”, etc…

  7. Please be sure to be active when you are called down to test at the game, there will be like 4-5 Day Testers. So those people might have a chance to replace you in your session depending on what needs to be tested. If you aren’t active at all, you can be removed from the team.

  8. HAVe thE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE!!! This is gonna be the funniest, finest, largest, fun obstacle course you’ve ever done! We are documenting your skills for course/improvement purposes.

  9. We won’t go easy on you at all, so don’t expect us to baby you around, you can take responsibility for what you do. If you ever feel bad, don’t worry. We are hard on everyone and it’s just for fun, and you are supposed to want this job, not need it. If you want to drop out, you can.

  10. You will be required to wear a suit on the course to prevent any injuries. If you have 10 or more robux and you don’t have a suit, contact me withing Discord in order for me to give you access to the suit. I will have you a suit ready to go if you contact me. :slight_smile: