Wipeout Roblox FAQ


Welcome to Wipeout Roblox! Wipeout Roblox is a competition where 24 contestants compete on an insane obstacle course for ultimate bragging rights.

Q: How do I compete?
To compete, you have to join the Wipeout Roblox Crew group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/group.aspx?gid=677316

Once you’ve joined the group, check the group’s description for the next episode’s date & time. The course (https://www.roblox.com/games/360797601/Wipeout-Roblox-Rounds-1-2) will open an hour before the competition starts.

Once you’re in the server, wait for the competition to start. 24 contestants in the server will be selected to compete. If WittIoc is not in your server, then you are probably in the wrong server.

Q: Can I be a staff member for Wipeout Roblox?
We are not looking to hire any staff.

Q: Where can I watch Wipeout Roblox?
Wipeout Roblox episodes are uploaded to the Skylord youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Enderman9000

Q: When will ____ be uploaded?
You can find a schedule that contains each episode’s recording and upload date in the group description.

Q: Can you play Wipeout Roblox on mobile?
No. Wipeout Roblox will never be open to mobile devices or consoles because:

  1. The Wipeout Roblox courses are very detailed, and could be unplayable on some devices.
  2. Wipeout Roblox competitions last approximately 3 hours, most devices would run out of battery.
  3. Mobile controls are less precise, therefore giving players on computers an advantage.