Witty Battle - Changelog


Version a49:

  • Fixed Menus not closing when leaving.
  • Fixed Placement System; bases not letting place new items after death.
  • Removed ForceField in accordance with Auto Play button.
  • Fixed descriptions being too long for some items.
  • Fixed invisible barriers.
  • Fixed Healthbar not updating.
  • Fixed map holes.
  • Fixed collapsing bricks in front of lobby houses.
  • Added map changing informations.
  • Fixed auto play teleport when map changes.
  • Fixed Sandwich not healing.
  • Added Derry, Tiff, Mighty and Cat.
  • Fixed a glitch that would spawn players on top of borders.
  • Fixed leaderboard visual glitch.
  • Fixed toilet sounds.
  • Changed Blaa informations.
  • Changed a few NPC names.
  • Fixed Meloo Launcher informations.
  • Fix to UI.
  • Added remaining time.
  • Added top kills.
  • Fixed a glitch that caused Branch to act as Frying Pan.
  • Added Drank's Frog in decoration.
  • Added new Items.
  • Added a new UI for killed system.
  • Fixed a glitch that would toggle toolbar when chatting.
  • Added Soupy.
  • Added Information Pannel.
  • Fixed music not playing when Auto Play is activated.


Version a48

Internal System:

  • Entire game rewrite with Luau compatible scripts and localscripts.
  • Faster execution in both server and client with optimized code.
  • Easy bug and glitches report with new debug system, which is running main code in containers.
  • Reorganized game execution: scripts execute in order instead of being able to run separately.
  • Updated Sound System: sounds are played in coroutines and in a new efficacious way.
  • Added New Gear System, compatible with the old one for incompatible weapons. Compatibility with pets, placement and players.
  • Fixed speed issues, causing an important delay for players affected by big ping latency.
  • Added New Placement System, with the addition of item 44 “Test Block” which will be staying throughout Alpha versions until it becomes unobtainable through the game.
  • Map System update: compatibility with Placement System.
  • Fixed an issue that created offset to Parts generated by the Map System.
  • Change Sahara colour.
  • Pet System update: Pets are now eligible to damage caused by players and placement items.
  • Fixed a bug which left the pets alive after the player died.
  • Dialog system: added 12 NPCs with their own dialog, translated and interactive (Map, Mili, Sergio, Marty, Daniel, Ocean, Drank, JJ, Diana, Aya, Luna, and ???).
  • Added bNPC System: players can now interact with Battle NPCs thank to the new system on compatible items eg. Megaphone and explosive items.
  • Shield System update: compatibility with Pet System and Placement System.
  • Fixed memory leak issues: infinite loops have been fixed and game now runs correctly.
  • Fixed allowed cheats: it is now impossible to use an object if you do not own it. As a reminder, changing your equipped gears while being in a battle is not taken into account until you die.
  • Integrated new Pagealo GAMESTATUS: server instances are now reported to Pagealo.
  • Game modulation: the new game system is now compatible with future updates so as to add new systems with ease.
  • Fixed Spectacle System: fixed a bug which let the server sending the wrong spectating player, causing a shift from the current player to another one who may not exist.
  • Updated all items: fixed a bugs which teleported small players.
  • Items now use new constraints and new Roblox physics (body movers).
  • Fixed a bug which let the players go through the floor when being small.
  • Added and implemented the new object detection: collision and hit-boxes are faster at detecting a hit with all items.
  • Fixed Fork (Tenedor) item: the fork could not be called properly.
  • Fixed Portal: fixed a bug which prevented players from teleporting in the battle after one battle.
  • Removed Soup Ladle droplets.
  • Removed Shopping Cart from loading server-side objects.
  • Added new physics to Egg (Œuf), it now jumps when blocked.
  • Lobby update: pets are now located next to Fight items.
  • Added the cave.
  • Added Placement selection area.
  • Added RNT Houses.
  • Added Pets Shelter (for big animals).
  • Debris update: some projectiles are now owned by the server, allowing new physics calculations.
  • Gears handle are now held by constraints.
  • Fixed issues with forces applying to player when shifting on sides with gears.
  • Map organization: Debris, NPCs, Map bricks, Placement Pads and Spawners are now separated.
  • Castle map: added checkerboard.
  • Item Preprocessor: now shows errors and continues preprocesses.
  • Gear Information System: a rewritten and cleaned system allows a communication with MACSU System and Gear System.
  • Improved communication between Gear Preprocessor and Gear System; systems are eventually separated, which prevents errors from occurring in all systems.
  • Auto Aim Service now calls the game as soon as the event is created, preventing fake calls.
  • Changed Gear subtypes to a cleaner array.
  • Removed old Welds in favor of WeldConstraints.
  • Dropped gear subtypes Laser, HealGear and Fall.
  • Added gear subtypes Debris, Beam and NPC.
  • Brought Cake Effect back.
  • Changed Shield lives.
  • Server Clock Fires now last one second instead of three.
  • Clochips particles are worn by player and not gear anymore, letting them alive if the gear is unequipped.
  • Corrected game color.
  • Material update in lobby.
  • Added a music to the lobby musics.
  • Data System: updated protocol.
  • Health bars for pets and placements.
  • Hid spawn points.
  • Added placement items: Monster, Meloo, Radio, The Seat, Toilet
  • Added tables for future items.
  • Deprecated ObjectMeshes for MeshParts (Meloo, Fork, Diamond, Monster).
  • Located fountain on the second floor.
  • Fixed a glitches that left the Fork item broken.
  • Added the ability to place four placement items of each equipped category.
  • Fixed a glitch that left Ducky and Snail teleporting to other players instead of their owner.
  • Fixed a glitch that prevented Megaphone from stopping NPC and pets.

Player system:

  • New loading UI, compatible MACSU.
  • Revamped the UI: main fixes and glitches.
  • Effects update: it is now possible to see damage, healing, pet range effects.
  • Optimization: the game now runs on Heartbeat rather than RenderStepped which used to cause freezes.
  • Translation update: game was only showing up in French. It is now possible to see the game in French, Spanish or English in other cases.
  • Fixed a bug which did not translate all the text.
  • Spectacle fix: fixed a bug which prevented Spectacle mode to activate after two deaths.
  • Leaderstats update: now applies translation.
  • Dialog system: added the compatible UI and scripts to interact with Dialog NPCs, running on Heartbeat.
  • Data loader: now directly asks data when player joins to enhance data loading, music loads at the same time as UI loading.
  • New equip UI.
  • New equip prompts.
  • Animation loader does not yield anymore.
  • Dropped ping in settings.
  • New Player Winner system.
  • Updated tutorial.
  • Added autoplay.
  • Changed dialog sound.
  • Fixed a glitch that prevented the player from using toolbar after teleporting to battle with Autoplay.
  • Fixed high for a few windows which were left apparent at the top of the screen for some devices.
  • Fixed a glitch which prevented some items to hit pets.
Version a45 to a47

  • Closed game for important updates, therefore protecting players’ saves.
  • Added 24 items to In-Dev items.
  • Converted players’ saves to the new Save System.
  • Added temporary security fixes for Gear Controller System and Gear Preprocessor System.

Version a44
  • Made all the gears free.
  • Shop and Inventory Systems were removed.
  • Fixed Tutorial.
  • Commun fixes.

Version a43
  • Fixed Shop and Inventory.
  • Updated Gear Controller System.

Version a42
  • Adding a test gamemode.
  • Adding a modified Frying Pan version to test the latter gamemode.

Version a41
  • Revamped Desert Map.
  • Fixed Player Eater.
  • Added Tutorial.
  • Internal System revamps.

Version a40-2
  • Official Alpha release.

Version a40
  • Set a speed limit for Cake.
  • Terrain is now smooth.
  • Fixed a hole found on the lobby.
  • Sounds are now playing from SoundService, fixing lag on some devices.
  • You no longer get coins when you die.
  • Added the Credits frame.
  • Fixed bricks collapsing with one another.
  • Added a reminder for AFK players.
  • Added a sound for Inventory.
  • Changed gravity for Moon Map.
  • Added two more maps.
  • Spinning object program is now connected to the ShopHandler System.
  • Added a UI for joining players showing up “Joining Server…”.
  • Equipping a gear now checks whether you are already in battle or not.
  • Changed Basic Branch damage.
  • Added Megaphone.
  • Wholly revamped Menu.
  • Fixed music not playing when player loads.
  • Updated Leaderstats System.
  • Added ping in Settings.
  • Set a limit for players equipped tools: Players can only have one pet and one shield.
  • Fixed the Gun killing its owner.
  • Fixed The Tank’s Refresh rate which let players spam the gear.
  • Added Auto Aim System for touch devices.
  • Fixed shields animations: they now stop when shield is destroyed.
  • Added a destroying sound for Diamond.
  • Fixed Melon Launcher speed rate.
  • Fixed Winning System: there is now no winners when all the players die.
  • Added Shield System.
  • Added stairs to the Castle Map.
  • Added Spectacle System.
  • Fixed the Pie’s cool-down which was too high.
  • Fixed an issue which left players in the game even though they had left.
  • Calibrated all the gears.
  • Added the new Gear Controller System to a few gears.
  • Fixed AFK players list.
  • Changed Shop button’s size.
  • Added Shift-Lock to touch devices.
  • Fixed Toolbar being too slow when players have a very high ping.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to wait for all the players to reset even after they already had died.
  • Added a loading screen before game loads.
  • Match duration now shows in minutes and seconds.
  • Added IgnorePlayersList, where players are added after they die.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tablet players from using the UI whatsoever.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to hit dead players and earn coins therefrom.
  • Added sounds to Soup Ladle, Hammer, Bomb and Jazzy Fish.
  • Fixed Shift-Lock causing screen freezes.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented The Tank from working properly.
  • Fixed lag caused by the Items spinning in the shop.
  • Fixed lag caused by the menu items: they are now removed when menu is hidden.
  • Added Gear Preprocessor System.
  • Added Subtypes to gears compatible with Shield System: shields now protect from various subtypes.
  • Fixed GearInformations.
  • Fixed a glitch that let players use Gear Preprocessor even after they were dead.
  • Fixed a bug that let players use two items at once.
  • Lowered CloChips’s health points.
  • Fixed the Shop list’s offset.
  • Fixed Equip System.
  • Added Preprocess check to Gears Controller System.
  • Fixed Cupcake making players too big.
  • Fixed Apple giving too much health.
  • Fixed a bug that let explosions give points to players randomly.
  • Updated Settings.

Version a39 (RN)
  • Separated the game in different places. Main is currently the one used to test the gears but it will be inverted with Tester. Updater is used to update the game while keeping players in. Tester is currently the upcoming version and will be inverted with Main
  • The current game is smaller but more efficient. It is still possible to try the objects while reducing the size of the game.
  • Remove lobby since it changed in Tester.
  • Kept color coding.
  • Stress tested players' devices to check performance.
  • Patched the old system which is obsolete and does not work with the new Gear System from the Main game.
  • Changed Cheese mesh.
  • Added Sword System to Soup Ladle, Hammer, Frying Pan and Basic Branch.

Version a38 (RN)
  • Pagealo security system have been fixed.
  • Objects are now hidden at first load.
  • PagealoFPSHandler have been upgraded.
  • PagealoFPSHandler force text has been fixed.
  • Fixed Lag issue when loading and unloading .
  • Music issue when joining has been fixed.
  • Players being killed while loading can no longer die.
  • Rainbow's œuf is now destroyed away when player dies.
  • Egg is now looking for the closest player.
  • Lag due to many events has been fixed.
  • Introduced Gear System in the game.
  • Corba Ladle now works properly and shows animation correctly.
  • Name tags error now shows default text.
  • Shadows precision was set to 1.
  • Droplets for Soup Ladle were added.
  • Game has been organized for future updates.
  • Billboard shop has been fixed.
  • New animations for Soup Ladle.
  • Added Shopping Cart and Toilet.
  • Added Fight System.
  • Added Cotton Tail to In-Dev Objects.
  • Added Sandwich to In-Dev Objects.
  • Map fixes for tablets and mobile which used to cause lag.
  • Added Error and Success UI.
  • Added Hit item for testing.
  • Added Money and Inventory Systems.
  • Items are now sorted up.
  • Added a section for the items made by maquilaque.
  • Added Wheelbarrow to Map items.
  • Added Truck to Map Items.
  • Client Programs cleaned.
  • Fixed Apple not giving health and throwing an error.
  • Fixed Jazzy Fish collision box.
  • Added Zombiefy sign for robespierriste.
  • Removed pointless texture of Fork.
  • Set a limit for Fork.
  • Added Cake to testing items.
  • Added a testing dummy.

Version a37-2 (RN)
  • Changed base’s material.
  • Added Fountain.
Version a37 (RN)
  • Completely rewrote the game’s code.
  • Changed base’s material.
  • Added a new UI.
  • Added a map.
  • Added CaIIieTheCat’s access.
  • Added asset loader and join button.
  • Added Castle.
  • Added Crossroads.
  • Added The Tank.
  • Added Turtle.

Version a36-2 (RN)
  • Added Ew sign.
  • Added objects greenhouses.
  • Added Tomato.
  • Added Megaphone.
  • Added Gun.
  • Added Pie.
  • Added Pencil.
  • Added Truck.
  • Added Sandwich.
  • Added CloChips.
  • Fixed Leaderstats (only showing player names).
  • Added Grass.
  • Changed Equip UI.

Version a36 (RN)
  • Updated the game to prevent players from joining the game if they are not allowed to. This prevents players from owning a corrupted save.

Version a35-2 to a35-9 (RN)
  • Added Noodles.
  • Added Diamond.
  • Added Wooden Shield.
  • Added The Cube.
  • Added terrain testing meshes.
  • Added Bread.
  • Added Frying Pan.
  • Added Player Eater.
  • Added Baseball Bat.
  • Added Snail.
  • Added Sushi.

Version a35 (RN)
  • Made a program that shows objects.
  • Reorganized the game.
  • Added Leaderstats sign.
  • Added “Rainbow was here” sign.
  • Added Toilet.
  • Added Gear Controller, preventing players from attacking themselves when game is not activated.
  • Added +Money and -Money signs.
  • Changed UI to try tools.

Version a34-2 (RN)
  • Added Meloo projectile.
  • Added Bomb.
  • Added Cupcake.
  • Added Ducky.
  • Added Meloo Launcher.
  • Added Radio.
  • Added Banana.
  • Added Basic Branch.

Version a34 (RN)
  • Added Hammer tool.
  • Added Jose’s program.

Version a33 (RN)
  • Added battle UI.
  • Added Shopping Cart.
  • Added Screen resolution monitor and Ping monitor.

Version a32 (RN)
  • Fixed map generating.>

Version a31 (RN)
  • Changed base’s material.
  • Commun fixes.
  • Added Jose.
  • Added Apple.
  • Added Blaa.
  • Added Slingshot.
  • Added Soup Ladle gear.
  • Added Apple tool.

Version a30 (RN)
  • Cleaned game and sorted signs up.
  • Replaced signs with meshed signs.
  • Added wire-framed boxes to indicate where objects belong to.
  • Added paths.
  • Added a Perlin generated map.
  • Added Player head names.
  • Added Lobby v1.

Version a29 (RN)
  • Added a sign with focused UI.
  • Added shop interaction.
  • Added tree.
  • Added Meshes sign.
  • Added Fence.
  • Added Tree log.
  • Added Fork tool.
  • Added Egg tool.

Version a28 (RN)
  • Added Barrel.
  • Added Hammer (aka Hit).
  • Added Soup Ladle.
  • Added Fern.
  • Added Cotton Tail.
  • Added Raining Kitty Cats.
  • Added Orange Juice.
  • Added Duckies.
  • Added Window.
  • Added books.

Version a27 (RN)
  • Added signs to try new objects.
  • Added Jazzy Fish.
  • Added Pupu Fish.
  • Added Meloo.
  • Added Monster.
  • Added La Luz.
  • Added Fork.
  • Added an interactive sign to interact with Fork.
  • Added a potato.
  • Added a hidden mapwro in the ground.
  • Added ACT table.

Version a26 (RN)
  • Added event signs when players die.
  • Added a camera motion when player walks.

Version a25 (RN)
  • Added the ability to spam the big head sign.

Version a24 (RN)
  • Changed game lighting system.

Version a23 (RN)
  • Added a sign to get a big head.
  • Added the ability to enter ragdoll mode through a button.

Version a22 (RN)
  • Added a ragdoll mode when players die.

Version a21 (RN)
  • Added clickable signs to test objects.
  • Added Cheese.
  • Added a large spawn.
  • Added “maq was here” sign.
  • Added warning signs.
  • Added a sign to test Cheese.
  • Added a sign to test a big version of Cheese.
  • Added a sign to get an invisible head.
  • Added a sign to become invisible.

Version a20 (RN)
  • Erased whole game and kept main programs.
  • Cleaned terrain up.
  • Archived chat box.
  • Archived Rocket Launcher.
  • Archived Bench.
  • Archived Sword.
  • Removed Plane.
  • Removed vehicles.
  • Removed small baseplate.
  • Enlarged the screen.
  • Added a sign with a camera on top of it.

Version a17 (RN)
  • Commun issues fix.

Version a15 (RN)
  • Added the screen.
  • Added a clickable sign.

Version a10 (RN)
  • Cleaned whole game.
  • Added terrain.
  • Added vehicles.
  • Added a small baseplate.

Version a05 (RN)
  • Cleaned game.
  • Default player data loading programs were added.

Version a03 (RN)
  • Added a plane.

Version a03 (RN)
  • Added a sword.

Version a02 (RN)
  • Added a bench.

Version a01 (RN)
  • Fixed spam issues with chat box.
  • Added a rocket launcher.

Version a00 (RN)
  • Created game.
  • Added a basic chat box.


  • Versions stamped "PRE-" are short versions preceding official releases. They are erased after testing. Please check the version you are currently playing on the bottom left-hand side while the game is loading. In case your save did not load, it is possible that the server's version does not load data to prevent corruption.
  • All updates may be delayed with respect to their announcement.
  • Bugs and glitches must be reported on the group where we often read messages. Where applicable, please provide basic information about the device you are playing on i.e. PC, MacOS, Mobile, etc.
  • This game is in an alpha state, which means it contains all the basic concepts (and most likely some still being developed or drawn up) therefore allowing players to resolve gameplay issues, early exploits, small and major bugs, and many other issues that you would not see in a fully released game which does not state that it is an alpha or beta state game.

Find the game at the following link: Witty Battle.

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