Wonderlands Changelog

Changelog for the game: Wonderlands on Roblox!

January 2021

No updates this month! Expect news on V2 when-if it arrives.

December 2020

v1.3.1 - December 16


  • Revamped loot table for open world, dungeon1 & dungeonEvent, changed format.
  • Day 1 and 2s festive items are available, you’ll want to save these but get them while they last. :eyes:
  • Changed spear position (testing for new event spear)
  • It’s starting to get rather … chilly! :ice_cube:


  • Fixed an issue where legendaries wouldn’t appear as their special variant if earned from monsters or bosses.
v1.3.0 - December 16


  • New winter lighting.
  • New winter items coming daily.
  • Teleport around open worlds using the teleporter.
  • Power levels are removed until well, very soon, they’ll return with a whole new system; a level to earn daily.
  • Power levels now require you to earn items, so it’s no-longer fully random. :game_die:
  • New candy falls area based on the Christmas event. Teleport unavailable, can you find it?
  • Nerfed exp gain from all mobs & dungeons!
  • Nerfed exp curve greatly, some of our few older players may gain a few levels as compensation. :slight_smile:
  • Added "Festive1" tag to Christmas Event 2020 items thus they’ll be convertible to cosmetics in a future version.
  • Nerfed Spear weapon type ability damage, nerfed Spear base damage (it now takes more hits to kill something : base) buffed Spear melee speed.


  • Removed access to locked boss arena.
  • Fixed player character positions being lost.
  • Fixed a few other minor issues.
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