Work around for server lag?

Hello, I have a racing game that supports up to ten cars at a time in a race, and a big issue with that is the fact that clients cannot keep up with the realtime position of all cars at the same time. Thus a fix for this setting the cars to run on the server.

However that comes at a cost. Whenever the server is under stress(like loading in a joining player, or rendering all ten cars in a close pack), it will freeze all cars or put them into slow motion until the server can catch up.

What methods could I use to mitigate or control the effects of the server lagging? Is it possible to have a script tell when the server is under stress and switch the car back over to the client? I would love to know if there are any other ideas for fixing this.


Hi there!

Have you fiddled around with Network Ownership at all? It may be the solution.
Network Ownership

Oh yes, this is why I am having this issue in the first place. I am setting the network ownership to nil(the server). Which is why any server lag is then tied to the cars.