Working on a Banquet Hall

Give suggestions to improve it, here are some different perspectives.


Fantastic work. The high ceiling concept I adore, the detail within the beams and ceiling are memorizing.

  • Color Scheme
    You did a good job contrasting colors within the build, the table should be a light or stained wood. This glass table is giving me outside patio vibes. The chairs are a bold color for such a light room.
  • Table cloth
    napkins or a long table cloth on the middle of the table
  • Silverware
    Folded, rolled, placed. Includes, forks, knifes, spoon, bowls, plates, glasses, mugs or wine glasses.
  • Chair
    A straight-back chair would blend better. This is a very elegant, charming place and not very futuristic, as a curved chair is in a more modern feature.
  • Light Features
    Chandelier, ceiling lights or long hanging.

Fix the blue tint.

  • Add more detail to the pillars.
  • Add engraving to the walls.

Make the ground have a reflective marble effect.

  • Making the ground transparent and having a duplicate on the bottom might work.