Working on a "Reactor CORE" type game [Devlog]

Thanks and dont worry for the CORE explosion because everything is going to be destroyed!


yes of course I just builded the base of the terrain I will still be adding a lot of details


I just finished building the base of one of the two topside entrances to the underground facility I am now going to add the details using meshes to limit the amounts of lags (and also the whole thing is a mesh).


This has a 100% chance of getting popular if you know how to advertise well.


what do you mean by advertise well?


I actually don’t know what I was talking about there…But all I have to say is if this game is seen and played, people should keep playing and the game should be supposedly “popular”


Started filling the area with all the “details”


I love it core games are fun to me i am making my own infact with friends that also like to play them!
So i hope this becomes a good game so far looks really nice cant wait to play it.

Also one more thing something that adds alot of depth to core games is the right music innovation thermal power plant does this really well with OSTS made for the game if you can find the right music or have someone make music for you it would help alot with the depth in the game!


yes you are right the musics and the general sound design is crusial for the good immersion of the game
but the problem is that I am creating this game with 0 budget and you may know that you need to pay with robux in order to import sounds to roblox so for now I am just going to search for random sounds already uploaded to roblox and try to find the best ones and then after having finished the beta of the game I’ll get some robux and start work seriously on all of the sounds (and also shirts,pants,badges,gamepasses).


I too am making my game with 0 buget my friends have fully agreed that we are not doing this for money and more as for fun this is our first project and it has a funny story to it that is to long to say right now (since im in blender replying to you)


Ok so basically:

the bad
  • I notice the front desk has some part misalignment, maybe try to fix that
  • pipes are boring. Try adding some bolts on the connecting part to make them more visibly interesting.
  • empty rooms are boring, add some potted plants, chairs, maybe a water cooler, vending machine, info screens, etc. make it spicier.
  • generic core is generic. the lasers look kinda boring and really similar to a ton of other games. Try to differentiate by adding more detail (wires, lights, etc.)
  • lighting nightmare, a lot of the reflections are kinda weird/out of place. It’s partly because of Roblox but you need to work with the lighting system, not against it. Try adjusting your lights to make the reflections less weird.
the good
  • color scheme matches well, styling is consistent
  • generally looks nice
  • a good start, could be a nice game

all this stuff is about the images in the main post, just realized there was more in the replies. oops. most of it still applies and I don’t have too much to add so I’ll just leave it as is.


me too I am working on this game for fun, and also for the musics for example when the player is outside the facility in the desert there is a desert sfx and a music that I found already uploaded in roblox that starts playing:

I am always trying to find the best musics to possibly use.


dont worry the main purpose of this topic is for me to get advices and make the game better so thank you for your advices.


this is starting to look good


This looks nice, are the models made by you too?


Yes I used meshes and the most of them are made by me


in the topside There are two entrances to the underground area of the game “Entrance A” and “Entrance B”
-Entrance B’s elevator is a big sliding plateform that will have the possibility to carry:(players and vehicles) like we can see in some other games
here is some images:


Over all this looks very nice. I suggest you take notes from portal and portal 2 since those games kinda fit the atmosphere very nicely.

for example:

(for pic 1 just imagine that it is not run down.)

But this is just my opinion and you can do whatever you want/


Its true that some of my inspiration came from portal


Started Building the reactor CORE control room

I need some suggestions for the core control room because I’m out of ideas.