Working on a Small Venue

Working on a Small Venue for like concerts,parties,etc…

Any feedback would be nice.Thank you


Hi! Great build, I like the choice of materials, but I don’t like how you displayed your colors with your perfect materials. The colors just seem off. Likewise, your lighting is too dim, perhaps you could add more bright lights to give it a vibrant atmosphere. I’d like to see what you’ll pull off in the future! Good job ^ _ ^

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As @Vilatic said, I’d suggest improving the lighting, perhaps smaller details will come into play as you develop this further. Otherwise, assuming it’s all coming together and matches your ideal goals and theme, I see nothing wrong with it. (Except for maybe the bushes or rocks, I have no idea what those are supposed to be :eyes:) (It was the angle that threw me off :joy:)

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In my opinion the lighting isn’t very good. I would suggest adding bloom, sunrays, and color correction and then adjusting them. Everything looks really plain and bland I would love to see some decor.

And I am not sure how I feel with the radios the texture looks overly stretched.

And for the second floor it doesn’t look like there is a clear way to get up there?

And the whole building looks really small / tiny.

The stage looks really plain and simple and could have a lot of remodeling done to it.

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This reminds me of some old style buildings from the older times of ROBLOX. Miss the old times and memories.

I do like your builds though, there’s a couple things you could do to improve this such as fixing up the lighting a bit as previous creators have commented on your post. You could add some type of strobe lighting or disco type of lighting at the top if this is supposed to be for parties or concerts. I also believe you could improve on the stage a bit and size up the room some more to fit more people instead of being a really crowded area.

Otherwise, it’s great!

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tbh I forgot about the lighting (oops) and thank for the feedback!

lol I could improve the speakers.Thanks!

Its supossed to be small,but i could agree that it could be bigger.Also I’m planning on the second floor of getting to there.Thanks for the tips!

oh I have a script on the lights to make it random colours.I’ll try to improve on the stage.Thanks!