Working on admin library, is the coding good?

This is admin api I’m working on. I hope nobody minds snake_case. It’s my coding style.

I’m open to any code improvements ideas.

I must also ask for feature ideas if anyone has some.

ModuleScript2.lua (1.6 KB)

Personally, i think that the code looks pretty good!

The only suggestions i have are adding some variables at the top of the script for services (most notably Stats, as game:GetService("Stats") appears quite a lot in your code). Another thing i’ve found is the for loop on line 25’s variable (i) has the same name as the for loop nested within it on line 28 (i ran this code through selene and it came up with this as a warning). Also i’ve noticed that you have a table named commands, and if you plan to put your commands straight in that table, i recommend that you split up the code into multiple ModuleScripts to be more organised.

p.s. i don’t mind the snake_case lol.

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