Working on the menu of my game

I am trying to make a game. This is the menu(btw nothing has been scripted yet).

What do you think?


Round the corners of the buttons a bit, otherwise it’s good

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Thank you for the advice! I will try.

Maybe try playing around with stroke? Not sure if that fits what your going for so you don’t have to. :slight_smile:

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ill try that, but honestly this game isnt really something im planning to work on alot. I wanna make the basic stuff and then upload it and see how people like it.


100% understandable. Looks good!

The menu looks nice. I like the camera angle at the painting with the brick wall in the background. Very pleasant. I do suggest adding more buttons like a shop button or maybe a changelog. Maybe even an options button, just so the menu doesn’t look too plain. Besides that, it looks nice!

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i’ll try add some stuff like that soon, ty.

i also might change it so a dude sitting in a chair facing the painting and the gun on the table.

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