World Expedition Remastered || Update 5/3/20

Hello Seed Studio members!

I’d like to take a few minutes here to express the progress of the remastered edition of World Expedition, created by @legoseed. We’ve been really quiet to anyone outside of our Discord server and this post aims to fix that.

We made the decision a while ago that we would aim for release in May. We regret to inform all of you that we will unfortunately not be meeting this deadline. We need more time to ensure everything we release is in high quality and is ready to be viewed by anyone around the world. As such, we are extending our release planned date to late June - early July. We do not have an exact date yet, however we will update you when we do come up with a release date.

We will be releasing with the following locations:

We cannot release all of our planned locations immediately. However, we do have plans to remaster all of the locations in the old game, as well as introduce new locations such as Versailles, France.

We will release with the following features at the main place:

  • The basic concept of “purchase a ticket, get on said flight, and fly to the location”. It is much more realistic than the classic game, featuring moving planes, doors, ticket swiping, and functional runways, taxiways, and lights.
  • Friend following - Follow your friend(s) via a private helicopter flight
  • Large airports and large locations - Everything is bigger and better than the old place. Some of our features will be disabled automatically for those with lower graphics settings.
  • An accessible inventory via the suitcase item.
  • We want people all around the world to be able to access our game, and as such all content will be fully translated into seven different languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak, Turkish, and Traditional Chinese.
  • Much more!

One of the main features of World Expedition is its ability to teach users about various locations and allow them to access and explore these locations from their own homes. Each sub-place will include various different facts and buildings based on the real world location.

We will be posting pictures of more features we are working on on our twitter account. Follow us!

We’ve gotten the question: Will the game cost Robux? Our current plan is for the first month or two to cost Robux in order to test the game on a smaller group of people. However, our end goal is for everything to be completely free, with the exception of a few features that will not be necessary to play the game. So yes, the first month to two months will be paid access. However, we will release for free after that. Learning about real-world locations shouldn’t cost money, and in our case it never will.

Thanks to all of your continued support. @Scepticus and I would not have made it this far without the support of our alpha testers, translators, staff members, and the wonderful Seed Studio community. We will continue our development as planned, and hope to make another announcement similar to this in about 2 months.

Seed Studio Lead Programmer