World Record Game


Hey Developers! Spooks_HD thinks Uno is the game we, the devs, should play to get the world record. I believe he is wrong. Me and @fireboltofdeath would like to recruit YOU to the Twister bandwagon.

Who’s with me?

  • Twister
  • Apples to Apples
  • Uno
  • uno on the twister mat

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Is it worth going to the Roblox Developer Conference?

I can entirely vouch that Apples to Apples is a superior game.


I would do Apples To Apples that is a very nice, game to play with developers but uno would be better i would say…

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biggest game of twister ever baby

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This is another viable option I can agree upon.

We’ll need an extra large twister mat, though.


ok u might be on to something, im joining the bandwagon


Updates poll, added twister (thanks @LocksOfDispair)


Looks like you switched to Twister, nice move


Uno will dominate. If I get invited, I’m coming after y’all with my superior uno tactics. :wink:


Cough Cough We’ll see who is the uno master. :joy:

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It’s too bad you’ll miss out on my 650 square foot twister mat


Compromise: We play Uno on the twister mat.

Edit: 58% of people prefer Uno. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Updated options, no other changes will be made


Uno 100% now, thanks dude! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’ll be the only one voting for the Uno on the twister mat. :joy:


Agree 1000% is more to play man… :slightly_smiling_face:


Im with you, we should have like a special RDC Uno edition.


We need to get GFX artists together to make those cards. Can we get 100% original RDC uno cards (merch?)


Let me check the Uno site, maybe they have the option to get custom cards? Would love to play Uno with this awesome community.

EDIT: Just checked, it is possible :joy:

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Do it. That would be absolutely amazing. :joy: