Would a bleed mechanic be allowed on xbox?

Im currently developing an animal survival game, and wondering if a bleed gui without any onscreen/particle effect would be allowed on xbox? and would bone breaking count as too gorey?


Of course dude, there is a game called dinosaur simulator where it has a bleed ui too im pretty sure and its a semi-popular game so your good

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They say you’re not supposed to have gore, but they never seem to enforce it so you’re probably in the clear.

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Just don’t make it too gruesome/violent, no intestines falling out.

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Yes lol, I play xbox and alot of games use blood. Tbh idk why roblox has that as a rule when its no longer enforced

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Thank you!, and i’m guessing being able to rip small bits of meat off dead animals wouldnt be that bad either?

Why are people saying that blood is ok? Roblox has Xbox Guidelines and the very first item on the checklist is no blood or gore. Just because other experiences have it (which is against the guidelines anyway if launched on Xbox), doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

I do not encourage skirting around the rules or taking advice from other experiences. You should focus on your own experience and how it adheres to standing policies rather than making assumptions based on what other experiences have.


i’m simply wondering if having a bleed system with only a bleed ui would be ok

You’d have to disable it on Xbox if you want to be under launch guidelines compliance and reduce your risk of having the experience removed from the Xbox app, so yes that would include just having a bleed Gui. I’d recommend representing bleed in a different manner assuming it’s a status effect that has gameplay value that may be easy to understand. For example, you can have some indicator that health loss is in progress without showing any blood or related icons.

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could i perhaps call it “damaged” on xbox with a different ui?

As long as it doesn’t represent blood or gore, you’re fine to represent it virtually any way you want. Xbox guidelines are there for experiences to be toned for younger audiences.

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