Would a combat system that relies on the client be a bad idea?

Would a combat system that relies on animation replication be a bad idea, basically the client owns it’s hitbox (yes I know an exploiter could just delete their hitboxes) but it would stop an exploiter from having stupid ranges, I’d like to have a smooth combat system which is why i’d rather have it be on the client. (there would basically be no communication to the server at all except maybe to award kills / stats)

The hitbox should be on the client, but multiple checks should be done on the server.

I would probably do checks from other clients.

Wouldn’t that be very slow? It would take two seconds to register damage.

no? basically how it works is each clients has their own hitboxes and they can’t see the other player’s hitbox because it doesn’t exist for them, the way they’d take damage is by checking if a weapon hit them and the enemy player was doing a specific animation.

Why would you want to do that? Honestly a much better idea to depend more on the server, though GUI and such will be done through client.

Depending on the server makes attacks delayed, I’m looking for smooth and accurate gameplay

Then you already have your answer, don’t you.

That is your solution.