Would a Gallows face Moderation?


I’m currently working on a project, and I intend on adding a working gallows to execute players. Would it face moderation? I am unsure if it’s too violent or not,.

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If it contains graphic content (blood, organs etc) then it has a good chance of being removed. If it’s just some fun noob getting executed then it’s fine.

So you’re implying I could make it a feature for users to be hanged?

I think it might be allowed as long as theres no blood since I’ve seen a lot of things on roblox where you’re either hanged or get your head chopping off but they are still up so it’s probably allowed. I’m not 100% sure though since roblox sometimes allows the same thing and sometimes not

Unfortunately, Roblox moderation isn’t too specific. I think I’ll just do a classic shoot the guy sitting down kind of thing.


Just curious and sorta unrelated but what kind of game/project is this for?

It’s for a military group. So it’s already aimed towards a much more mature audience anyway.

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It depends on the way you make it, the graphics, and a few other things. If you really want a correct answer maybe give us more detail on your thoughts of how exactly you plan to achieve a gallow.

User stands there, I click a button, floor goes bye bye and they hang.

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I’ve uploaded one and it was deleted but on another account it was not, so it depends on the moderator I guess?

Yes, in theory. There are many games that cross this line and are still fine [Phantom Forces for ex]

I would E-mail roblox and confirm tho.

I feel like that’s a bit much.

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