Would having an unfiltered string in a datastore possibly get me banned?

So, I’m making a game where people can make their own tests to share to other people and, since players are making these public tests, I have to add some moderation to make sure people aren’t putting inappropriate things inside of their tests. Here’s the issue however: I wanna make it so that players, upon publishing their test, will have to go under manual moderation. So, let’s say someone makes a test and publishes it, I will have to go in, view it, and give it the “OK” to be released to the public. However, the thing I’m concerned about, is that let’s say that this player puts a bad word in there or something inappropriate, that inappropriate word will be sitting in a datastore. Would I get in trouble for that inappropriate word and, will I still be required to filter the text using TextService?

To avoid as much trouble as you can, always filter custom text. Roblox is stricted about it.

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Do you know if having unfiltered text in a datastore will get me banned? Like if I save a key in a datastore and it’s just spam swear words, will I get in trouble with moderation or not? That’s the main thing I’m worried about.

To be honest, as long ad others cant see the untilered text, I assume it should be fine.

But ad I have said above- why not just avoid this and filter it?

Because I want it so that people don’t have to worry about Roblox’s annoying filtering since normal words can get filtered. I’d rather have human verification, since someone like me won’t filter the word “Okay”. Even then, if I do the Roblox filtering, the filtering is going to be a bit stricter since I have to filter for “broadcast”. I can’t save the filtered text result to a datastore since it doesn’t accept those type of characters.

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Unfiltered strings in DataStores will not get you moderated but you are required to put strings through a filter if you intend to display the string to any players after retrieval. My personal recommendation in accordance with policy is that you do store unfiltered text so that subsequent sessions that retrieve the string can pass it through the most up-to-date filters.

This is documented: Text and Chat Filtering → Stored Text

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Id go the safe route, don’t wanna roll the dice for dev ex capability.