Would i be able to use DevEx after being moderated for cursing

My other account has been moderated multiple times after cursing and banned once for saying a slur. When i started developing games i decided to make a new account and develop them on that account because i wasnt sure if i would be able to use DevEx if my games succeeded. Now after reading through the DevEx rules again i’m not sure if my moderations would stop me from using it.
The rules left it kinda unclear so can someone please tell me if i would be able to use DevEx after being moderated for cursing.
Also if my account would be allowed to use DevEx, should i just publish my game from that account? The game has currently only 91 visits. Would that even be allowed?


The ban shouldn’t be that bad and I believe you can still DevEX with a moderation history if its recent; then Don’t get your hopes that high. Also I don’t see issue publishing on that account

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DevEx has a minimum cash-out at 30.000 robux. If your game has 91 visits, I doubt you would’ve earned that much. I wouldn’t worry about DevEx, focus on development!

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I recommend publishing games under groups. Better security depends on what access you provide if you were to manage it

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