Would I be allowed to build the Berlin Wall?


Hey Developers, Im planning on making a nUSA, Ro-Nations styled ‘Berlin’ Game and one of the locations I want to add is the ‘‘Berlin Wall’’ This is quite a controversial area so Im unsure if it would be allowed for ROBLOX.


It’s not breaking any of the TOS so I believe this will not be a problem. The thing I do want to say is that you are breaking the rules by doing the “Thanks, Catxtrophic”. I used to do this but then got told that it’s against the rules and it is so I just wanted you to know.

Agreed. It’s not breaking any of the TOS, but it’s really not the right thing to do. Like, you CAN do it, but it’s not really recommended.

Yes completely agree. I was just saying its not against the rules so you can.

Its not against the ToS. It’s a historical monument and its apart of History. Build it.


Alright, was just interested to see if its real life impact could somehow stop me here. Thank you.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid any tragic event that’s more negative than positive.

Erm, I have recently heard from multiple sources in the nUSA/rUSA community that these type of groups are getting banned. I’m pretty sure it’s because the owners are scammers, but just ask people who are heavily invested into the nUSA community about this.

Yes your allowed, It’s a cool part of history.

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