Would I Be Allowed To Do Something Like This?

So, I have a question, would I be allowed, in my Game, to make for fun, a ‘God’? It’s hard to explain, I mean like:
The Game is about Tetris, so there’s a ‘Tetris God’ which is adored by the people of the Game, there would be no sacrifices or sects, or adoring shown in the Game, would taht be allowed?


I don’t know but check the rules:

Or this:

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What kind of “god” are you trying to make? Also yes, I believe it’s allowed, nothing religious though.

Just to make sure I understand, you are using the word “God” to signify someone that is extremely skilled at a task, right?

Like, some kind of ‘god’ that is just a joke, nothing religious


Oh, I understand now. Yes, it should be allowed. Just don’t do anything offensive or extreme.

Yes taht was obvious, it would just be a joke

I’ll contact Roblox Support just to make sure

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