Would it be annoying for the player to be teleported to a new server for each minigame?

Making a sort of-ish minigame game. Would it be annoying to the player if each minigame was in its own place and you’d need to teleport each time you play a minigame?


Depends, if it’s for each match then personally I think it’d be annoying.

If it’s only for when they choose a game mode, then it’s fine.

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I think it would be pretty annoying. :eyes:

Yeah, it does feel like it would be annoying.

But its justifiable if the map is big and complex enough. If it’s just one singular zone for something like, I don’t know, dodgeball, on top of a buildings roof, it would be pretty annoying to do for the most part.

Now if it’s something like a huge championship on an island where the players have to survive a zombie apocalypse in a huge city while the players can kill each other and be put back in spawn (thing which I wouldn’t recommend since the joy of one is not more important than the frustration of all the 99 other people). But let’s say it’s huge and there’s a lot of people, then yeah, it seems reasonable to teleport everybody to the alternate server.

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